Attractions at Bahria Town Islamabad Phase 7



To make sure you carry out all your financial transactions without any trouble, there are a number of banks located near River Hills & Garden Villas at 5-10 minutes drive. Whether you have to go to the bank for work or for your personal reasons, you can easily get to them in 5-10 minutes. The list of international and national banks that have opened across River Hills are as follow:

  • Askari Bank
  • Bank Al Falah
  • Kasb Bank
  • United Bank Limited (UBL)
  • Meezan Bank
  • Habib Bank Limited
  • Habib Metropolitan
  • JS Bank



There is a number of food attractions located around River Hills & Garden Villas. This means that you can enjoy eating your favorite burger, pizza or yogurt by visiting any international chain of eating places that you like. You can also have your birthday parties or other events arranged at these eating places to enhance your eating experience with your friends. The lists of eating places for your eating delights are as follow:

  • KFC
  • McDonalds
  • Pizza Hut
  • Burger King
  • Fat Burger
  • AttiBassi Cafe Italiano
  • Frooozy (Frozen Yogurt )



There is a big shopping mall available for the residents of River Hills & Garden Villas so that they can always go shopping whenever they like. The shopping center is well equipped with the latest products, belonging to international and local brands to provide you with the best shopping experience for your needs.

From the grocery section to the electronics, clothes, shoes, jewelry and the household accessories, you can shop for anything and everything that you are looking for!

Eye View Park


The eye view park is a good and clean recreational spot for families. Children and enjoy running around the park, whereas the adults can go for cycling or walking in the park to relax or enjoy their free time in the best way possible. You can also have the picnic in the lush green gardens of the park when the weather is pleasant. There are food and tea stalls in the park to lighten up your taste buds with the tasty snacks.



Just like there are recreation facilities available for the elderly and for the children, there are places where the youth can visit to have a good time with their friends or family. The cine Gold Cinema is a multi-screen cinema that is home to the latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies. This means that whenever you are craving to watch your favorite actors on screen, all you have to do is to get your tickets booked at the Cine Gold cinema! The cinema is equipped with the 3D and 4D technology to enhance your movie watching experience.



There is also a small zoo for the recreation of children residing in the River Hills apartment. The Zoo is a home to all the common animal and birds species. You can take your children to the Zoo to make them learn all the knowledge regarding the different animals and birds at the zoo. There are different schools trips that also visit the zoo for the learning of their students.

Golf Course


A Golf Course is also established for the residents of River Hills to provide them with an opportunity to practice and enjoy this sport during their leisure time.  You can become a member of our Golf Course facility to enjoy playing Golf with your friends or family. Our Golf Course Park is equipped with all the latest tools and technology to provide you with a relaxing environment so that you always end up enjoying playing the sessions of Golf with your friends, whenever you want!

Green Valley Super Market


Green Valley Super Market is set up at a walking distance to help them shop their everyday groceries and other requirements. Whether you require household stuff or just some groceries, Green Valley Super Market is the place from where you can shop everything. They have got products of all the famous international and local brands available for your liking, which means that you don’t have to go to the distant markets for fetching the things that you may want on an immediate basis.

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